Program overview

In 2024, the ICLGG returns to Brisbane, Australia, where delegates will share the results of their latest work, providing new insight into the amazing world of legume biology while helping to chart a path to legume improvement for food security without environmental harm. As in the past, recent advances in structural genomics and functional genomics of legume evolution, development, beneficial symbioses, plant defence against pathogens and pests, plant tolerance to abiotic stress and plant metabolism will be presented. Further, recent developments in pan-genomics have opened the door to greater appreciation of the genetic diversity within and between species, which will also be highlighted at this conference.

The meeting will span three and a half days and include plenary lectures covering key thematic areas of broad interest, research reports on specific topics and short, lightening talks from early career researchers. Posters will provide a venue for further data presentation and a forum for discussion.

A full program will be available in early 2024. Register your interest for further updates.

Monday 30 September 2024
9.00am–12.00pm Exhibitors bump in
12.00pm–7.00pm Registration and exhibition open
1.00pm–3.30pm Special Session: Enabling technologies
4.00pm–5.00pm Opening plenary - Welcome and acknowledgments
Invited I: Leveraging genomics in pulse breeding
5.00pm–7.00pm Welcome cocktail reception
Tuesday 1 October 2024
7.30am–5.50pm Registration and exhibition open
8.30am–10.00am Plenary session 1
Invited II. Evolution and diversity
Invited III. Structural genomics
Invited IV. Legume end-uses
10.00am–10.30am Morning tea
10.30am–12.30pm Parallel session 1A
Structural Genomics – new genomes and pan genomes
Parallel session 1B
Evolution, diversity and domestication
12.30pm–1.30pm Lunch
1.30pm–3.30pm Parallel session 2A
Structural genomics – bioinformatics and databases
Parallel session 2B
Legume products: food, fuel, feedstocks and metabolism
3.30pm–4.00pm Afternoon tea
3.30pm–5.50pm Posters
Wednesday 2 October 2024
7.30am–5.30pm Registration and exhibition open
8.30am–10.00am Plenary session 2
Invited V. Plant development and physiology
Invited VI. Abiotic stress tolerance
Invited VII. Bioinformatics
10.00am–10.30am Morning tea
10.30am–12.30pm Parallel session 3A
Plant development and physiology
Parallel session 3B
Abiotic stress tolerance
12.30pm–1.30pm Lunch
1.30pm–3.30pm Parallel session 4A
Plant development: breeding applications
Parallel session 4B
Bioinformatics for research and breeding
3.30pm–4.00pm Afternoon tea
3.30pm–5.30pm Posters
7.00pm–11.00pm Conference dinner
Thursday 3 October 2024
7.30am–6.00pm Registration and exhibition open
(exhibition closes 4.00pm)
8.30am–10.00am Plenary session 3
Invited VIII. Beneficial symbiosis
Invited IX. Plant defence
Invited X. Genomic and predictive breeding
10.00am–10.30am Morning tea
10.30am–12.30pm Parallel session 5A
Symbiotic nitrogen fixation
Parallel session 5B
Above ground defences
12.30pm–1.30pm Lunch
1.30pm–3.30pm Parallel session 6A
Beneficial symbioses and microbiomes
Parallel session 6B
Below ground defences
3.30pm–4.00pm Afternoon tea
4.00pm–6.00pm Exhibitor bump out
4.00pm–5.30pm Parallel session 7A
Genomic and predictive breeding
Parallel session 7B
Metabolism and quality traits
5.30pm–6.00pm Awards and closing plenary